School Meals

School meals that include dairy play an important role in the health and well being of all students, but especially students experiencing food insecurity.

Milk, with its 9 essential nutrients, including protein, calcium and vitamin D, is an important part of school meal programs. Many school breakfast and lunch programs also offer nutrient-rich yogurt and cheese to ensure that students get the nutrition they need.

We support schools in making sustainable changes to the school nutrition environment that will increase participation in meal programs and, more importantly, increase students’ intake of nutrient-rich foods.  One out of two kids, ages 9 and up, aren’t getting enough calcium, vitamin D and potassium – essential nutrients they need to grow strong – and dairy milk is the top food source of these nutrients in the diet (1,2). Serving dairy in innovative ways, like hot chocolate milk or smoothies at breakfast, can be a great way to increase participation AND bridge nutrient gaps.

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  2. Fulgoni VL, Keast DR, Quann EE, Auestad N. Food sources of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D, and potassium in the U.S. The FASEB Journal. 2010;24:325.1.
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School Nutrition Equipment

Marketing and promoting healthy options is an effective way to encourage students to make better meal choices.  Through grant opportunities, New England Dairy may be able to help your school with the purchase of commercial quality equipment to support increasing consumption of healthy foods in your school meals program . Whether you want to focus on point-of-purchase, cafeteria restyle or breakfast, we can help provide you with examples to get you started.

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