Success Stories

For more than 100 years, New England Dairy has built a legacy of supporting healthy kids and student academic success through science-based nutrition education resources and wellness interventions.

Through our programs and resources, schools in our region have started or expanded their meal programs to reach more students with nutritious breakfasts and lunches each day.

With the help of grant funding and other resources, schools have enhanced meal programs by implementing new serving models, adding new menu items, and using new marketing materials for school meals.

Below are success stories of schools in New England that have started, expanded, or enhanced their school meal programs.

Success Stories

Title Description
Engaging Students with Smoothies at Womogo Middle-High School in Connecticut Having students share the next day’s smoothie on the morning announcements helps boost breakfast & lunch participation. One-Pager
Increasing Breakfast Participation with Smoothies at Ansonia Public Schools in Connecticut Offering smoothies has expanded our breakfast demographic. More kids in general now come to breakfast. One-Pager
Offering Smoothies to the Menu at Shepaug Valley School in Connecticut The smoothies are a huge hit and students enjoy suggesting new ideas for flavors. One-Pager
Breakfast at Thompson Public Schools in Connecticut School breakfast participation increased by over 150% when new models were implemented. One-Pager
Grab-n-Go Program at Salemwood School in Massachusetts "The nurse for the school has had a substantial decrease in the number of students coming down to her complaining about being hungry!" One-Pager
Adding Smoothies to Breakfast in the East Hartford Public Schools District in Connecticut The kids of East Hartford love the new smoothie program for breakfast. One-Pager
Springfield Public Schools in Massachusetts: One-pager This one-pager provides a high-level summary of the Springfield Public Schools case study. One-Pager
Springfield Public Schools in Massachusetts: A Case Study How did Springfield increase student performance? With breakfast available for all. Full Case Study
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