Hot Chocolate Milk

Help increase milk consumption and attract new customers to your breakfast and lunch programs by serving hot chocolate milk.

Real Milk. Real Chocolate. Real Good.

New England Dairy is excited to share our new resources to help schools add hot chocolate milk to their menus.

Heating chocolate milk and offering it as hot chocolate to older students is a great way to help increase milk consumption and attract new customers to your breakfast and lunch programs. Students will love it.

Listen to what students at Auburn High School in Auburn, MA have to say about hot chocolate milk as a part of their school meal programs.

Heat chocolate milk to 145°F  with a stove, kettle, or steamer. Carefully pour into an insulated warm beverage dispenser for easier portioning or self-serve. Add flavor variety with flavor extracts or spices. Try mint, orange, cinnamon, nutmeg or pumpkin pie spice.

Promotion is key with any new or existing program. We’ve created a great Hot Chocolate Milk Promotion Kit inspired by local coffee shops to help you spread the word.

Resources can be downloaded and printed in-house or at your local printer.

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    Learn how to use the Chocolady Milk Dispenser to serve hot chocolate milk to your students. Click Here

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    A helpful toolkit to help you promote hot chocolate milk.

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Title Description
Hot Chocolate Milk Logo Logo for use in hot chocolate milk promotions. Download Here
Dairy Trivia Engage students while learning more about dairy. Download Here
Dairy Jokes Share some dairy jokes as part of your promotion. Download Here
Dairy Fun Facts 35 undeniably fun facts about dairy. Download Here
Counter Top Sign Use this counter top sign with customizable price. Download Here
Lucky Cup Stickers Use Avery label 8293 to print. Add these stickers to the hot chocolate milk cups. Download Here
Wall Banner/ Photo Booth Backdrop Photo backdrop to be used as a banner or fun photo booth. Download Here
Photo Booth Fun Signs Use these props for photos in front of the backdrop/booth. Download Here
Instagram Frame Use this Instagram style prop with the backdrop/booth. Download Here

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