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Everything You Need to Know About Milk and School Meals

School meals are the second largest food assistance program in the country and provide a host of benefits linked to health, development, and learning. Milk...

3 Ways to Spice Up Your Holiday Eggnog

Nothing says the holidays like a frothy and delicious cup of eggnog. We'd like to entice your tastebuds further with three ways to spice up...

Feast with Peace: A Guide to Intuitive Eating this Holiday Season

Discover food freedom during the holiday season with an introduction to Intuitive Eating (IE). IE emphasizes body feedback and establishment of a sustainable, comfortable relationship...

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New England Dairy Holiday Event & Gift Guide

This holiday season, support your local dairy farmer beyond just enjoying three servings of dairy a day. Our holiday guide features festive farms, events, activities,...

The History of Eggnog and Where to Find Local Eggnog in New England

Learn about eggnog's curious history and where to find farm fresh eggnog in your New England state.

Delicious Side Dishes and Desserts for Thanksgiving Menu

From savory and tasty side dishes to decedent desserts, check out these recipes for planning your Thanksgiving menu and beyond.

Ricotta 101 | Creative Ways to Enjoy Ricotta

Ricotta belongs to the family of fresh cheeses. It is an incredibly versatile cheese that can be used in entrées, desserts, breakfast foods, appetizers, and...

Scary Good Halloween Recipes & Crafts

Get creative with spooky DIY Halloween crafts and stir up some fun with The Official Beverage of Halloween - chocolate milk.

Recipes & Resources for Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month takes place September 15th through October 15th. It’s a time dedicated to honor and celebrate the rich history and...

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