On the Farm

Real dairy starts with real farm families.

There are about 1,000 dairy farming families in New England and each and every farmer is dedicated to making fresh, wholesome milk, while being good stewards of the land, their cows, and their communities.

  • farm family in cow pasture
    Meet Farm Families

    Farm families are the cornerstone of New England Dairy. Get to know your local farmer.

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  • shy cow
    Meet the Cows

    Like dogs or horses, there are different breeds of cattle. Get to know the seven main dairy breeds.

    Meet the Cows
  • tractor harvesting hay

    Learn more about sustainable practices on dairy farms and how the dairy industry is committed to environmental stewardship.

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man holding drone

Got Tech?

Robots, self-driving tractors, drones, and other farm technologies help dairy farmers feed more people in the most responsible way. Farm technology can make the cows happier, whiling reducing carbon footprint.

Technology: Helping to Feed Our World

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