School Grants

Apply for funding to increase school meal participation or add dairy foods to your menu.

New England Dairy is pleased to provide funding from New England dairy farmers to eligible schools in CT, MA, NH, RI, & VT. 

Grant funds can be used to support equipment and marketing needs related to expanding school meal programs including breakfast, summer meals, and serving new dairy menu items like smoothies and hot chocolate milk.

Funding will be limited and awarded based on strength of plan and potential impact.

Schools may only apply for one program at a time. Applications for each program are listed further down this page.

Now accepting applications for funding deadline: November 8, 2024

Applicants submitting grants for this deadline should plan on starting their programs in the winter/spring of 2025. Equipment and grant funding will not arrive until January 2025

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Award decisions will be made for all submitted applications after the deadline passes. Please contact us if you require assistance.

Get implementation tips from your peers.

Learn how other schools have been successful at increasing participation and adding new dairy items to their menus

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Turn-Key Equipment Packages & Applications

Other Dairy Program Grant Applications

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