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We Heart Healthy Dairy

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate our loved ones with chocolate, candy, and cheesy cards, but it also falls in the middle of American...

Ways to Keep Your Vitamin D Levels up During the Winter

Cold New England winters with their shorter days make it easy to cozy up with a blanket and stay inside all day. Trouble is, inadequate...

National Milk Day

January 11th is National Milk Day. On this day in 1878, many people believe milk was first delivered to people in glass bottles. Find out...

These Farmers Love Their Fitbits | Their Cows Do Too

Many people turn to activity trackers like Fitbits or smartwatches to track their fitness and wellness goals. We caught up with two farm families who love...

No Cream Cheese, No Problem

You may have heard that due to a cream cheese shortage, Kraft is offering to pay customers who do not make cheesecake this holiday season....

winter farming

This is What Winter Farming Looks Like in New England

The crops have been harvested for the year, and the cows are tucked into the barns. So, what does winter farming look like in New...

mom and daughter drinking hot chocolate

Reset with Dairy this Holiday Season

This holiday season, when the pressure starts to sink in, reset yourself with dairy--simple nutrition that is good for your body.

Revamp Your Holiday Leftovers

Leftovers are inevitable during the holiday season. Check out these ideas to transform your leftovers into a completely new and enticing meal.

Learn About Holiday Eggnog | Find Local Eggnog

Learn about eggnog's curious history and where to find farm fresh eggnog in your New England state.

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