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4 Dishes to make for your Holiday Gathering

At New England Dairy, we frequently partner with food bloggers and nutrition experts who are skilled recipes developers. Throughout the year these partners create flavorful,...

5 Common Dairy Questions Answered

Whether I am at a fair, scrolling through social media, or talking to friends, I hear many of the same questions as well as common...

Halloween Kids Activities: Milk Jug-O-Lantern & Cow Cookies

Halloween is the perfect time to unmask your kid’s creativity, and share some spooky treats together. I tested these two ideas with my kids and...

Experts agree: Cow’s milk is the milk of choice over plant-based milk for young children

Healthy eating patterns in early childhood (ages 0-5) are crucial to growth, development and chronic disease prevention. Healthy beverage consumption in early childhood is especially...

7 Ways to Celebrate Dairy During Farm to School Month

October is National Farm to School Month, the perfect time to celebrate the connections between healthy kids, local food and farmers who bring fresh, nutritious...

apple pie and cheddar cheese

Apple Pie and Cheddar Cheese

This fall I learned about the not-so-new tradition of pairing apple pie and cheddar cheese.

cows eating

Dairy Cows – The Ultimate Recyclers!


toast cut to look like cat

Connect with Real Moments & Recipes for Back-to-School

Here we are again, the last summer hurrah over Labor Day weekend has come and gone and back-to-school routines are ready to begin.

sandwich with sides of veggies, fruit, and nuts

What Are You Doing for Hunger Action Month?

September is Hunger Action Month, a month dedicated to raising awareness of hunger in America and finding solutions within our communities.

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