Must Be The Milk

What’s fresh, local, and always in season? Must Be The Milk!

The Must Be The Milk campaign was active from 2012 through 2019.

Through the campaign, we shared how dairy is a local food and connected people to their local dairy farmers in New England and in Eastern New York.

The goals of the campaign were to:

Educate people about dairy farming in our region.

Promote the purchase of real milk and dairy foods.

More info about the campaign:

By learning more about local farms and buying dairy products across the region, we ensure local dairy farms continue to serve as the cornerstone of our communities for centuries to come. No matter how you enjoy dairy, it’s undeniably in the DNA of New England and New York. It is the backbone of our communities—supporting local economies and preserving the open spaces we know and love. What makes New England and New York so special? Must Be The Milk!

In October 2019,  we merged our former Must Be The Milk campaign website and New England Dairy & Food Council website into one website, one brand, and one voice — New England Dairy. At this moment in time, we want to make sure our organization’s brand is front and center when connecting with the public through our website, social media channels, newsletter, events, etc. versus a campaign.

Thank you for your continued support as our organization starts a new chapter as New England Dairy.

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