New Name, New Look, Same Dairy Love. Why The Change?

Turning 100 calls for a makeover.

For a more than a century, New England Dairy & Food Council—along with its younger sister organization New England Dairy Promotion Board—has stood for dairy farmers and nutritious dairy foods.

Admittedly, though, few people understood who we were, why there were two names, and what exactly we did.

Some of you who work in schools may have known New England Dairy & Food Council as the people who provide equipment grants for foodservice or who support Fuel Up to Play 60, an NFL/Patriots partnership. Health professionals may have recognized us as the people who brought new educational materials or speakers about dairy nutrition to conferences. Most of you have never heard of New England Dairy Promotion Board at all, but you may have seen our former campaign, Must Be The Milk.

Both organizations are non-profits that support dairy education and dairy farming promotion in New England. Let’s not worry about the lengthy histories involving marketing orders, mergers, and boards. Suffice it to say, we needed to find a more effective way to clearly say who we are, what we do, and what we stand for.

We started a journey to rediscover our calling—our vision and mission. As exciting as this was to us, our story needed rewriting to better connect with people whenever they’d see us or hear from us. We set out to merge two externally facing names, websites, newsletters, social media and voices into one consistent image without changing the legal structure behind the scenes or our commitment to dairy in New England.

It needed to be true to our local, New England heritage. It had to be fresh, relevant, and speak plainly. It had to be real and no nonsense just like New Englanders.

From that, New England Dairy emerged. Real food. Real nutrition. Real dairy.

We look forward to continuing our journey together with you and our dairy farmers.

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