National Farmers Day Toolkit

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About National Farmers Day

October 12 is National Farmers Day! This annual event celebrates hardworking farmers like you who have dedicated your life to feeding your community and producing a safe, nutritious product. Unlike other agricultural-focused days and months, National Farmers Day does not have a specific theme. Instead, it’s an opportunity to take a moment to broadly recognize farmers for all their work caring for the land, their animals, our natural resources, and their farm families.

Farmer Resources for National Farmers Day

Shareable Videos and Resources

Share New England Dairy’s sustainability and cow care videos on your social media channels or download printable posters and other graphics from our resource library to highlight the work of farmers throughout our region.

Dairy Recipes

Explore our delicious dairy-filled recipes and share your favorites!

Content Ideas
  • Tell us how you got involved in dairy
  • Introduce us to the people you farm or work with
  • Show us how your family gets involved in the work of the farm or business
  • Share what makes you most proud in your work and what you value most
Sample Social Media Messages

These social media messages that are ready for you to share with consumers. On National Farmers Day, you can post about why you farm or why you are passionate about dairy. You can also use it as an opportunity to thank fellow farmers or folks in the broader ag community.

  • Today is National Farmers Day. Real dairy starts with real farm families like mine. My family has called [STATE] home for [X] years, and we’re grateful to be raising the next generation on the farm too.
  • On National Farmers Day, I’m reminded of the biggest/all the reasons I love farming here: [INSERT STORY OR SHORT LIST].
  • I was [AGE] years old the first time I knew I wanted to be a dairy farmer. I was/remember [MEMORY]. Today, I’m the [X] generation to farm here 🐄
  • Dairy farmers are environmental stewards, and we take a proactive approach to sustainability. We continue to embrace new technologies to help us tend to our land and water with care. Producing a gallon of milk has 19% less greenhouse gas emissions than it did in 2007.
  • For dairy farmers, caring for the land is an important part of our work. We rely on the sun, air, water, and soil to help us produce a safe, nutritional product for you to enjoy 🥛🐄
  • Dairy farmers care about the planet – just like you. Learn more about how farmers are protecting our land, water, and soil:
  • Today is National Farmers Day! Raise a glass of milk and celebrate the contributions of our dairy farmers across [STATE] and beyond.
  • It’s National Farmers Day. Take a moment to thank a farmer for their dedication to their animals, families, communities, and for producing a safe, nutritious product.
  • Did you know that only 2% of our population are farmers? This 2% works year-round to feed our communities. Thank you for all you do!

The above messages are recommendations. You can adapt them to your voice and add your own farm stats or information. National Farmers Day is an opportunity to share more about you and your unique farm story with consumers. Don’t be afraid to get personal today!

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Let’s Keep the Conversation Going

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