Meet our Consumer Engagement Events Team

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The New England Dairy staff is small but mighty. The work being done on behalf of dairy farmers and checkoff stretching across our region is extensive. Reaching New England consumers in-person takes time and commitment. New England Dairy activated 56 in-person events throughout the region, reaching over 53,000 consumers in 2022.

New England Dairy staff members Carly Ciarletta and Clare Roach manage our consumer engagement program. They identify and vet opportunities ensuring each one meets New England Dairy’s goals and guidelines. They prepare event materials, secure milk donations, and train event staff.  

Kathleen Reale and Clare Roach prepare unique milk drinks.

Kathleen Reale, the owner of Checker’s Product Servicing, works alongside Carly and Clare to execute each in-person event. Kathleen is an asset and extension to our organization, as she maintains our fleet of dairy trucks and makes sure they are in tip-top shape to travel throughout the region.  

Meet Tess, one of the members of our events crew.

 The community engagement events team are enthusiastic and engaging individuals that serve as on-site event representatives. The representatives are trained by New England Dairy staff and have access to an event manual complete with talking points. The events team make sure the on-site crew has talking points about topics like sustainability and cow care, and know where to direct consumers if they do not have an answer. Farmers support our team by attending events to meet consumers and build trust in dairy. 


Massachusetts dairy farmer Peter Melnick joins the event crew at a Stop & Shop pop-up event to discuss sustainability. Connecticut dairy farmer Tim Learned attended a half marathon to help refuel athletes with chocolate milk.  

Each event is unique and the cost per event varies. The following, but not limited to, are taken into account with the final cost of the event: 

  • Maintenance and repairs of dairy trucks 
  • Fuel and tolls
  • Research and planning
  • Management of events
  • Staffing
  • Pre- and post-event loading and breakdown of trucks
  • All supplies necessary for sampling
  • Milk donation coordination and pick up
  • Storing promotional items, activities, and displays
  • Food and event permits
  • Serve-Safe certification

As we all have experienced, the economy has shifted and there are cost increases from the fuel pump to supplies. New England Dairy has set event guidelines to help regulate event expenses and ensure we are  being fiscally responsible, efficiently using farmer dollars, and controlling costs.  

New England Dairy is thankful to have an amazing events crew as an extension to our organization. If you are a farmer and you would like to be an honorary member of our events team and attend an event, please reach out to Farmer Relations Manager Elicia Pinsonault at 

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