Mobile Dairy Bar on the Farm

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This year was a memorable one for the Mobile Dairy Bar (MDB) as the world began to open post-pandemic. The goal of the MDB is to engage conflicted consumers and provide a unique memorable experience in our efforts to grow trust and sales in dairy. Our taste, learn, meet strategy provided over 53,000 consumers throughout New England with an experience that included fun, themed milk samples and dairy education.

In 2022, the MDB has been impacted by rising costs and New England Dairy (NED) is mindful of being fiscally responsible, efficiently using farmer dollars, and controlling costs. We off-set costs by working with processors to secure milk donations, applying for grant funding to execute event series, and limiting giveaways and paper handouts. Outside organizations have even fully covered the cost of the MDB to be on-site at their events. NED wants to utilize the MDB to its full potential and use check-off dollars smartly and efficiently to reach the largest number of consumers while having the greatest impact.

The response and interest in the MDB has been overwhelmingly positive, and we have received more requests for the MDB than we can fulfill. We have set event selection criteria to assist in making decisions that will produce the most impactful return on investment. The criteria are as follows:

  • The event aligns with NED goals, objectives, and pillars.  
  • The consumer attendance is approximately 1,000.  
  • The cost of executing the event fits within the appropriated budget.  
  • The Mobile Dairy Bar and staff are available.

As your premier check-off organization, we can support smaller on-farm events in various capacities and suggest solutions for enhancing your event.  

You can:

  • Apply for a farmer grant to cover the costs of the Mobile Dairy Bar  
  • Create your own milk bar   
  • Order promotional materials  
  • Talk to your co-op about donations  
  • Discuss the event with your NED farmer relations contact: Elicia

NED can:

  • Promote your event via social media  
  • Help with media outreach including media alerts, press releases, and more  
  • Provide a ‘how-to’ guide for your own milk bar (coming soon) 

The staff at New England Dairy is open to discussing your events and provide thoughtful solutions to enhance your events. Send your inquiry to   

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