Chill Out with Cold Milk Webinar

Presented by: Lonnie Burt, MS, RD, CD-N Senior Food & Child Nutrition Director, Hartford Public Schools, Amanda Aldred RD, SNS, Becca Story MS, RD, LD, and Erin Wholey LD, LDN

This webinar will address the declining milk consumption in youth in New England, milks unique nutrient package and how it can help make up nutritional shortfalls in the diets of students. According to New England Dairy’s recent consumer research, milk taste continues to be a reason students decline to select milk with school meals and miss out on nutrients milk provides. Improper storage and service temperature is one of several factors that can affect milk taste. Participants will review HACCP principals related to receiving, storing, and serving cold foods like milk, learn where milk comes from and how it is protected along the way from farm to school as well as best practices for serving great tasting milk from around the region.

At the end of the webinar, the participant will be able to:  

  • Explain the nutrient contributions of milk in the diet and why it is included in the school meal patterns.  
  • Describe where milk comes from and how it is protected along the path from farm to school.  
  • Identify how to properly receive, store, and serve milk to protect its safety and flavor in their school.  

For CPE purposes, please answer a few quick questions to access the webinar. The webinar will become available to you once you hit submit. At the end of the webinar a link will appear where you can access your CPE.   

Order a Free Chill Out with Cold Milk toolkit (available to school districts in CT, MA, NH, RI & VT) and refer to the Keep Milk Cold Webpage for related resources and future milk cooler giveaway announcements. 

Webinar Resources & Handouts for Download

Title Description
Presentation Slides View and download in PDF form Download
Cold Milk Checklist Use this checklist to make sure you are keeping milk as cold as possible for service to students Download
9 Ways to Promote Milk with Meals Nine creative ways to encourage students to drink more milk Download
Alternative Beverage Flash Cards Find out how milk measures up to alternative beverages Download
Flavored Milk Resources Learn why flavored milk is so important to ensure students are getting the nutrients they need Learn More

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