New England Dairy & Food Council, New England Dairy Promotion Board Unveil Unified Presence and Voice

Author: Rene Thibault

Boston, MA  On the precipice of its 100 year anniversary, New England’s dairy promotion and education group is proud to announce the completion of rebranding effort to welcome in the next century of championing dairy in New England.  Externally, New England Dairy & Food Council and its sister organization New England Dairy Promotion Board will be known as a single entity: New England Dairy ( 

Adaptability to and consciousness of people’s needs are important factors in being relevant in 2019 and beyond.  These thoughts were two of the driving factors of New England Dairy’s rebranding process. 

The rebranding will enhance New England Dairy’s ability to be informative, approachable, and engaging.  From consumers to school nutrition directors, health professionals, and farmers – the organization will deliver dairy information and education in the most authentic, direct, and experiential ways. 

“Now more than ever, people crave connection to where their food comes from and the people who grow it,” explained Jenny Karl, Chief Executive Officer for New England Dairy Promotion Board.  “Through our rebranding effort, our goal is to connect New Englanders to local dairy farm families to learn more about the positive health benefits of dairy and the societal benefits local dairy brings to our region.” 

New England Dairy has been partnering with dairy farm families across the region since 1920.  With a central hub in Boston, New England Dairy has satellite offices in Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode IslandConnecticut, and Western Massachusetts.  While the group’s programs and activations have evolved over time, their mission has remained much unchanged: champion dairy and dairy farm families in New England. 

“As a New England dairy farmer, it’s vitally important to have experts to partner with who can help us tell our dairy farming story,” explained Vermont dairy farmer and New England Dairy Promotion Board Chair Heidi Dolloff.  “The New England Dairy organization acts as our link to important partners like health professionals and school staff and improves our understanding of the consumers we rely on to buy our milk and dairy products.  The strategic rebranding of this organization will help set New England’s dairy industry on a sustainable path far into the future.” 

As part of the brand launch, New England Dairy has coordinated activations in several states across the region.  The organization has partnered with Boston’s TJ Taormina and his crew at AMP 103.3 Radio for an integrated campaign focused on reconnecting to our dairy love.  In Westport, CT, New England Dairy offered an interactive booth for attendees at 2019’s Chowdafest event.  In Vermont the organization is running a campaign focused on dairy facts brought to viewers by dairy farmers Chase and Danielle Goodrich. 

New England Dairy will celebrate its 100year anniversary in June 2020.  Stay up to date on the organization’s activities by following along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – and click onto the group’s new interactive website: 

New England Dairy is supported by the dairy farm families of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont anEastern New York. 


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