5 Things Millennial Parents in New England Expect from Dairy Brands in 2021

Consumer Research on Attitudes about Dairy in New England

Date: Tuesday, May 4, 2021 | 1pm – 2pm

Millennials are now the largest U.S generation. The oldest millennials are approaching 40, and more than 40% identify as parents. Millennial parents—more than their older counterparts—choose foods and brands that deliver on multiple needs and wants.

New England Dairy, in partnership with Applied Marketing Science, a leading market research agency, engaged in an in-depth exploration of the attitudes of millennial parents living in New England toward dairy through a mixed-method study. This new regional-specific research is only available through this webinar.

We’ll share insights into the views of millennial parents in New England and what brands and marketers can do to better to make connections with this audience to meet their needs.


  1. Describe the conflict millennial parents have about dairy
  2. List the top five dairy themes millennial parents need to be reassured about from brands
  3. Identify opportunities to establish millennial parents as “dairy lovers”


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