Walpole, NH

Britton Farm

Located in a picturesque valley about a mile and a half southeast of Walpole village, the 600-acre farm has been in the Britton family for several generations.

Larry and Josie Britton currently run the the dairy farm. They took over after Larry’s parents, Alfred and Mary Lou, retired.

At Britton Farm, the day starts at 5:30AM and is filled with chores including milking, barn cleaning, repairing fences, harvesting crops, fixing broken equipment and many other tasks.

Life on the farm keeps the Britton’s busy but they enjoy it. They love the open spaces and appreciate the opportunity to work side-by-side with family. In addition to dairy farming, the Britton’s tap maple trees for syrup and plow snow from driveways in the winter. They allow people in the community to use their land for outdoor recreation such as snowmobiling and hunting. When Larry and Josie aren’t on the farm, they enjoy driving into town for karaoke night.

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