Digital Dairy Ambassador Program Update

Elicia Pinsonault | Farmer Relations Manager

Last year, New England Dairy brought together a small group of dairy farmers, in partnership with the Connecticut Milk Promotion Board, who wanted to further develop their skills to better tell their dairy story on social media. We’re proud to announce the region-wide expansion of the Digital Dairy Ambassador Program and to introduce our 2022-2023 Ambassadors.

As smartphone and social media usage continues to increase among our population, we want to continue to reach consumers who value authenticity and advance our goal of helping farmers share positive stories about their work and how they are supporting their communities.

Our Digital Dairy Ambassador Program includes coaching, trainings and workshops, and content recommendations that align with topics of importance throughout the year, including community, health, and sustainability.

As we look ahead to the second year of the program, we’re excited to welcome Digital Dairy Ambassadors from Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

Meet our 2023 Dairy Ambassadors

In October, Digital Dairy Ambassador content will focus on celebrating dairy farmers’ connection to their communities and being good neighbors. For example, sharing information about how dairy farmers support open space in communities while providing nutritious dairy products. They will leverage points in time like National Farmers Day (10/12), Back to School, and the fall harvest.

Consumers want to know there their food comes from, and we know they’ll feel good about dairy once they meet the farmers and the cows that bring delicious, nutritious dairy to market.

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