New England Dairy’s 2023 Annual Report

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I’ve been honored to serve as your CEO and want to thank you for all you do to support our organization and share your passion for dairy promotion with others.

Our organization is here to grow dairy sales and trust in dairy products, farmers and farming. We do this by being grounded in research and insights, which helps us work smarter and your dollars work harder. We need to understand why people choose dairy and what is holding them back from consuming even more dairy. Understanding the consumer perspective helps us better craft and target our messaging, outreach and engagement. It helps us break down barriers and create even more opportunities for dairy enjoyment. I am pleased to share that 2023 was a stand-out year for our dairy promotion efforts. We used consumer insights and improved our digital presence (through our website, social media channels, influencer engagement, and e-commerce), in a way that led to exceptional reach and engagement and surpassed not only our own expectations, but also industry standards. In other words, we reached more people in more places and in a more deeply relevant way. I hope you like what you see and appreciate your interest and support of dairy promotion. As always, we would love to hear your feedback and connect with you.

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