Elevate Ag Online Course

A FREE Online Course for New England Dairy Farmers

Tell Your Story

As a farmer, you’re often told that you need to tell your story, but aren’t always told where to start or how to begin. Elevate Ag is an online course and community created by dairy farmer Tara Vander Dussen and rancher Natalie Kovarik that provides access to the tools and resources you need to craft and share your agriculture story.

New England Dairy is offering FREE access to Elevate Ag for dairy farmers throughout our region to support you in this area (a $749 value). 

“Elevate Ag gave me renewed purpose in regards to sharing online. I felt like I was pushing out content with little direction and ultimately spinning my wheels. Natalie and Tara pushed me to redefine what I wanted for my internet presence and helped me fine tune my voice. The insight they offer into the social media world and their joint passion for Ag has been just what I needed.” – Elevate Ag Participant

Elevate Ag Online Course Modules

Elevate Ag includes 15 pre-recorded modules, meaning you can tune in at your own time, set your own pace, and pick up right where you left off. Each module includes up to eight lessons focused on a related topic.

Examples of modules include:

  • Crafting, sharing, and building your ag story
  • Setting up a website, blog, and email list
  • Deep dive on various social media channels
  • How to build an online business that sells
  • All things advocating, interviews, and hosting on the farm

Register for Elevate Ag

  1. Before registering, farmers must get the access code. If you have not received the access code through our farmer newsletter or a visit with an New England Dairy staff member, you can contact our Farmer Relations team.For Vermont and New Hampshire farmers: Elicia Pinsonault | 617-380-3941 | epinsonault@newenglanddairy.com
    For Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island Farmers: Steve Peters | 617-286-5894 | speters@newenglanddairy.comOur team can also provide support with registering, which takes less than five minutes.
  2. Once you receive the access code, visit the Elevate Ag website. You will add your email in the appropriate place, and add the access code (or coupon code) under “order summary.” This will change the amount owed to $0 and the payment information fields will disappear.
  3. After you complete the order, it will send you to a confirmation page. You will also receive an email with a link to the course. This is the easiest way to access it. The first time you access the course, you will be prompted to create a username and password. This allows you to participate at your own pace and save your progress. New England Dairy does not have access to your login details, so please write them down and save them in a safe place.

DISCLAIMER: New England Dairy and Elevate Ag are unable to reimburse farmers who register for the course and do not use the access code. Please be sure to have the access code and confirm that the amount owed is $0 before completing your registration.

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