Lactose Intolerance Considerations Across Diverse Populations

Presented by: Constance Brown-Riggs, MSEd, RDN, CDCES, CDN & Tessa Nguyen, MEd, RD

Lactose intolerance is a group of digestive symptoms prevalent among millions of people worldwide, including diverse communities. It is often characterized by uncomfortable symptoms due to the body’s inability to digest lactose, a naturally occurring sugar found in milk. Perceived or actual lactose intolerance can lead to unnecessarily avoiding dairy and result in unintentional health consequences.

This webinar will provide you with a comprehensive overview of lactose intolerance, including its causes, diagnosis, and treatment. We will also provide you with culinary tips and recipes that focus on incorporating naturally low lactose foods and lactose intolerant-friendly, culturally relevant dishes.

As a result of this presentation, the attendee will:

1. Understand the prevalence of lactose intolerance across diverse populations.

2. Explore common myths surrounding lactose intolerance and dairy avoidance.

3. Discuss dairy’s role in the diet for effective management of lactose intolerance symptoms; as well as providing practical, research-based management tips and techniques that are culturally relevant.

Webinar Speakers

  • Constance Brown-Riggs, MSEd, RDN, CDCES, CDN
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  • Tessa Nguyen, MEd, LDN
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