From Cow to Cheese: Live Virtual Farm and Cheese Production Tour

Presented by: Jasper Hill Farm’s Mateo Kehler & Zoe Brickley; New England Dairy's Hilary Walentuk MS, RD, LDN

New England Dairy’s live virtual farm and cheese production tour will connect health and wellness professionals directly to Jasper Hill Farm, a working dairy farm and on-site creamery in Vermont. New England Dairy registered dietitian Hilary Walentuk MS, RD, LDN will join Jasper Hill’s co-founder and CEO Mateo Kehler and Director of Marketing Zoe Brickley to guide participants through the farm and facilities, including the on-site creamery and underground cheese vaults. Participants will have the opportunity to have their questions answered live by the cheesemakers and nutrition expert during the tour.

Tour participants will walk away with a greater understanding of:

  1. Cow care including cow nutrition, veterinary care, cow comfort, and milking technology
  2. How New England dairy farmers are contributing to a sustainable food system, including reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and protection of soil and water
  3. Microbiology’s role in the expression of flavor and food safety


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