Virtual Farm Tours While You’re Stuck at Home

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Stuck at home with the kids for a while? Need some activities to keep them active? Look no further!

Check out our 360 degree virtual farm tours to watch on YouTube at home. No VR goggles needed. When watching on the computer, use your cursor to navigate the 360 view. When viewing on a smart phone, simply hold your smart phone up and move it around to see all the different angles. You can also drag your finger across the screen when using a smart phone.

There is accompanying curriculum for these virtual tours (grades 5-8) and a scavenger hunt form for kids to identify things they see while taking their virtual tour. 

Sustainable Practices on New England Dairy Farms: WATCH

Take a virtual tour of the Gervais Family Farm in Enosburg Falls, Vermont and the Poulin Farm in Newport, Vermont.

Environmental Stewardship on the Dairy Farm: WATCH

Learn about some of the techniques and technologies dairy farmers are using to protect our soils and waters at Poulin Farm in Newport, Vermont.

Cow Care on a Vermont Dairy Farm: WATCH

Learn how dairy farmers care for their cows through one-on-one care, comfortable housing, and new technologies at the Gervais Family Farm in Enosburg Falls, Vermont.

Want to take your virtual farm tour experience to the next level? We are offering LIVE Virtual Farm Tours in 2020 for a wide range of audiences, including the general public, students, and health and wellness professionals. Register (it’s free!) to save your spot to connect directly with a New England dairy farm and ask questions in real-time.

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