FUTP60 Student Ambassador Spotlight: Brianna

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Future leaders are shaped through the Fuel Up to Play 60 (FUTP60) Student Ambassador Program. Brianna, an eighth grade Student Ambassador from Vermont, shared her experience leading health and wellness activities in her school and the steps she took to become a Student Ambassador.

Q: What got you interested in getting involved with FUTP60 and becoming a Student Ambassador?

A: My program advisor introduced me to the program, and I thought it sounded really cool and would be fun. I thought it was a great opportunity because it offered more opportunities to get more involved in the community. It teaches leadership skills and taking charge of things in your community. I really just wanted to take the next step into doing more and taking charge, so I applied to become a student ambassador.

Q: What skills have you developed as a FUTP60 Student Ambassador?

A: I used to be super shy, and I have had trouble communicating things, but now since joining FUTP60, I have gotten to talk to other kids and meet new people. I am the main communicator between students and adults. I am also expected to be a role model.

Q: What was the process like becoming a Student Ambassador?

A: I met with my program advisor, and we went on to the FUTP60 website to gain a certain amount of points before I could become an ambassador. We did a lot of activities and challenges. Each challenge was worth a certain amount of points. Some of the challenges were, “Try new foods with a friend”, “Try making a mini pizza”, “Try a new workout”, and “Encourage brain breaks during class”. Once I gained enough points, I applied to become a FUTP60 ambassador.

Q: What are some of the things you have done with FUTP60 in your school since becoming a student ambassador?

A: We have assemblies and activities based on FUTP60 like taste testing smoothies, overnight oats, and frozen yogurt. We also have done Bulldog Blast, which is basically an indoor field day for everyone and was completely set up and led by students. It was definitely the most challenging thing I’ve done with FUTP60, but it was really fun to be able to work with my peers to put something together for other people to enjoy. Because of it, we have had more people want to get involved and be a bigger part of FUTP60.

Q: What have you gotten to do with FUTP60 outside of school?

A: Last year I went to the FUTP60 Summit at Gillette Stadium and got to meet a bunch of new students. We learned about how to be better leaders and how to encourage our peers. It was really fun. I made a bunch of new friends and we got to work on a big project together. Because of the pandemic, this year I attended a virtual summit.

Q: Do you have any plans for FUTP60 this year?

A: This year we are working virtually on a project making flyers. We are going to hang them, take pictures, and put them into a slideshow. Our school was chosen for an adopt-a-school program by the New England Patriots, so we have different grades doing virtual activities with them.

Q: Do you have any tips or advice for students who are looking to become a part of FUTP60?

A: Be assertive and try to get involved with lots of different things and try the challenges.

Student Ambassadors can recruit their classmates to create a team and get involved with their school by implementing the Playbook’s healthy eating and physical activity strategies. Schools across New England have benefited from Student Ambassadors who have strengthened their leadership and teamwork skills while promoting healthy choices. To learn more about the FUTP60 program, check out the Fuel Up to Play 60 website.

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