Make the Farm to School Connection with Students at School or at Home

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Check out our list of suggested activities that teachers and parents/guardians can use to help kids make the farm-to-school connection whether they’re in the classroom or at home. Students will enjoy discovering more about where their food comes from and dairy farming in New England. 

Discover Dairy Activity Book

This dairy-focused activity book features eight dairy educational activities ranging from sequencing milk’s journey from farm to table, word search, fill in the blank, decoding, recipes, snack pairing, and more. Recommended for grades K-5.

Visit a New England Dairy Farm Virtually

Our selection of Virtual Farm Tour recordings can help your students make a personal connection to a New England dairy farmer from the comfort of your own classroom or home.

  • We hosted three live Virtual Farm Tours for grades 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Access the recordings.
  • We also have three 360º virtual farm tour videos with accompanying curriculum. Activities take students to two Vermont dairy farms through online 360º videos that let them control their mouse, so they can explore aspects of each farm. They will learn how New England dairy farmers care for their cows and protect our environment with sustainable farming practices and 21st-century technology. This curriculum is geared towards grades 5-8. Access videos with curriculum. Access videos only on YouTube.
  • Of course, there’s nothing like the experience of visiting a farm in person and seeing the cows up close. Some farms are beginning to welcome back visitors with social distancing protocols and capacity limits. If you are aware of a farm that does allow visitors, always reach out to the farm in advance to clarify what their protocols are. Be sure to follow us on social media @NewEnglandDairy to learn about in-person events and farm tours when things start to open back up.

Learn About the Different Breeds of Dairy Cows

Just like dogs or horses, there are different breeds of cows. There are seven common breeds of dairy cows. Learn more about the breeds here and watch this fun video below from our friends at American Dairy Association Mideast.

Explore the Endless Varieties of Cheese & Yogurt

Cheese and yogurt are such versatile products, and there are several varieties of both. Ask students to choose a variety of cheese or yogurt and do a report on its origin, its uses, and its popularity. Arrange a cheese or yogurt tasting (blindfolds optional!) to allow students to learn more about each. And toss in a few recipes so they can ‘experiment’ in the kitchen. Here’s a fun guide on how to make homemade yogurt.

Check out other ways to engage students on our Dairy Farm to School page

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