Cottage Cheese Bowl Ideas

Erin Wholey, RD, LDN| View Author Bio

Cottage cheese is having a moment on social media, and I’m here for it. As a dietitian and someone who enjoys the “power bowl” way of eating, cottage cheese has always been a staple for me. It’s a versatile, budget-friendly source of protein that’s a great canvas for additional flavors. I enjoy it several times a week with meals and snacks. I especially like it when I’m in the mood for a savory breakfast that is quick and easy or a little something sweet in the afternoon. I like to personalize my bowl of cottage cheese by adding fruits or vegetables, seasoning or herbs, and a little bit of crunch. Here are some of my favorite flavor combinations.

Savory Spin:

Cottage cheese + avocado + salsa + cilantro + shredded cheese + tortilla chips

Cottage cheese + hard-boiled egg + cherry tomatoes + everything bagel seasoning + bagel or pita chips

Cottage cheese + pickled or roasted beats + dill (dried or fresh) + roasted chickpeas (homemade or packaged)

Sweet Spin:

Cottage cheese + pears + cinnamon + granola

Cottage cheese + mango + tajin + coconut crisps

Cottage cheese + strawberries + peanut butter drizzle + peanuts

Check out this resource for more bowl inspiration, and please share your cottage cheese creations with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok @NewEnglandDairy.

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