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Butter boards — a board smeared with softened butter and topped with a variety of savory and sweet accompaniments — likely took over your social feed. According to the Washington Post, food influencer Justine Doiron posted the concept on TikTok and her video went viral.

If you’re looking to give the butter board a try, you’ve come to the right place.

See below creations from some of our beloved New England butter brands as well as tips and tricks for curating your own butter board.

Cabot Creamery goes savory for their butter board creation with a mix of delicious herbs, radishes, lemon zest, salt, and pepper.

Vermont Creamery goes sweet with their Pumpkin Butter Board that’s topped with Vermont maple syrup, pepitas, and flaky salt.

Tips & Considerations:

  • Start with softened butter. How to soften your butter without using a microwave.
  • Salted vs. unsalted butter. There are some differences to consider. It really comes down to preference. Take into account which toppings you’ll use. In the original video, @justine_snacks starts with soft unsalted butter and tops it with flaky salt, pepper, lemon zest, red onions, herbs, edible flowers and coriander honey.
  • Layer parchment paper on the board for easy clean up. Put a dollop of butter or cheese under each corner to prevent it from moving around.

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