The Freund Family

East Canaan, Connecticut

Ever since Eugene and Esther Freund began farming in 1949, caring for the earth has been a family priority. Over decades of work, the Freund family has become recognized national leaders in sustainable practices. The 2nd and 3rd generations of this farm family currently manage two farm businesses – CowPots and Freund’s Farm Market & Bakery.

CowPots are biodegradable, seed-starting pots crafted out of composted, odorless cow manure. The pots are sold around the country, including at the Freunds’ own bountiful market, featuring many farm-grown foods and flowers started in those very pots.

Canaan View Dairy cares for the cows that provide the manure for CowPots which are then used and sold at Freund’s Farm Market & Bakery. 

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