Help Protect the Planet

When you buy real dairy, you’re choosing local foods that are good for you and your family, good for the planet, and good for the community.

MA Dairy & Garelick Farms®*

MA dairy farmers have teamed up with Garelick Farms to share the stories of local dairy farm families. MA dairy farmers and Garelick Farms are committed to producing sustainable foods that nourish people, strengthen communities, and foster a sustainable future. Learn more about dairy’s role in a sustainable food system below

*The nutritional claims found on this website are provided by New England Dairy regarding dairy generally. These claims have not been substantiated for Garelick Farms branded products.

DIY Upcycled Milk Jug & Carton Planters

Repurpose your plastic milk jugs and cardboard milk cartons with this spring craft that kids will love!

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We’re in This Together

MA Dairy Farmers

Massachusetts dairy farmers and milk processors are committed to providing you and your family with fresh, high-quality dairy products. This commitment to quality starts on the farm with top-notch animal care and extends across the supply chain, from the milk tanker trucks to the processing plant to the grocery store.

The U.S. dairy community is committed to continuous improvement, which is why they established 2050 environmental sustainability goals. Learn more about the goals. 

Garelick Farms

Garelick family farmers have always been focused on taking care of the planet and are always exploring farming practices and sustainability initiatives to be part of the solution to climate change. Although times have changed our passion remains the same. Farm from the heart. Put families first. And always take care of your community. Meet our farmers. 

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