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East Canaan, CT

Freund’s Farm

“The land connects us to our past and makes us mindful of our future.” – Amanda Freund 3rd generation.

Ever since Eugene and Esther Freund began farming in 1949, caring for the earth has been a family priority. Over decades of work, the Freund family has become recognized national leaders in sustainable practices and recently received the inaugural U.S. Dairy Sustainability Award for Outstanding Resource Stewardship. “Doing the best we can for the environment has always been a strong emphasis for our farm. Our parents very much instilled that in us,” says Matt, who now runs the farm with his brother, Ben, alongside their spouses and several members of the third generation.

Among the many earth-friendly efforts on Freund’s Farm, the most high-profile is their invention of CowPots. These patented, biodegradable, seed-starting pots are crafted out of the composted, odorless solids left after manure is run through the methane digester that provides renewable power for the farm. The pots are sold around the country, including at the Freunds’ own bountiful market, featuring many farm-grown foods and flowers started in those very pots.

The farm also has 1,200 solar panels that generate enough electricity to meet their needs and even send surplus to the grid.

Their newest dairy barn was designed for maximum energy efficiency and cow comfort including Connecticut’s first robotic milking machines, which enable cows to choose when and how often they get milked.

Some information and images courtesy of Cabot Creamery Co-operative

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