Cow Care

Simply put: Cows come first. Through the use of innovative and safe technology, dairy farmers provide exceptional animal care to produce fresh, high-quality milk.

How do dairy farmers care for their cows?

Healthy and happy cows make high quality, nutritious milk.

Dairy farmers use new technologies to keep their ladies comfy. Did you know that cows have back scratchers set up for them in the barn? At many farms, cows can create their own milking schedule thanks to robotic milking machines. This has shown to increase their happiness and milk production. Check out how farm technology is improving the lives of dairy cows.

Are cows cared for better on smaller farms?

No. The size of a farm does not affect the well-being of cows.

Dairy farms – whether large or small – make animal care a top priority. Farmers care for their cows by providing a nutritious diet, good medical care and healthy living conditions because they depend on the animals for their own livelihood. It’s typical for farmers to spend the majority of their operating costs on the care of their cows.

Research shows that cows need to be calm, happy, comfortable and well fed to make high quality milk. Cow comfort includes soft bedding like water beds, misting cows in the summer to keep them cool, new options for feeding so that cows are well-fed, and reducing noise to keep cows calm including playing music in barns.

Additional Resource: A day in the life of a dairy cow – Dairy cows spend 12 – 14 hours a day asleep or lounging.

Types of Dairy Cows

Without them, dairy doesn’t exist. Our farmers know that happy and healthy cows produce high-quality milk.

Just like dogs or horses, there are different breeds of cows. There are seven common breeds of dairy cattle. Learn more about each breed.

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