Mobile Dairy Bar: Agritourism Series 2022

Author: Clare Roach

This fall, the Mobile Dairy Bar visited five agritourism destinations throughout New England. We know New Englanders love the tradition of visiting orchards, farmers’ markets, and other agritourism events in the fall. Our team wanted to be onsite to represent the dairy farmer voice, even at locations where dairy is not typically center stage, to showcase its crucial role in our New England agricultural landscape. Visitors stopped by the truck to sample a variety of unique milk flavors, including seasonal favorites like pumpkin spice. Guests also got to meet a dairy farmer while learning about dairy’s role in sustainable agriculture and nutrition.

Check out the photo gallery below to see our visits to:

Dairy farmers support open space in communities to make agritourism possible. They help protect and preserve the land throughout our region. When you buy dairy, you are helping to preserve this open space while supporting your local economy.

Dairy is fresh, wholesome, and local. Milk is one of the original farm-to-table foods, typically arriving on local grocery shelves in just 48 hours or less from dairy farms in our region. When you choose real milk, you are choosing a local food that positively impacts our New England community.

This tour was made possible with a grant from Farm Credit Northeast AgEnhancement and the support of dairy farm families across New England. Dairy farmers are passionate about connecting their fellow community members to their local food system. Events like these help bridge the gap between the public and the hardworking families who produce our food.

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