East Canaan, CT

Laurelbrook Farm

“My grandparents started off with nothing. Everything they had was very much earned.” – Jim “Cricket” Jacquier

Laurelbrook Farm was founded in 1948 by Robert and Dottie Jacquier.

Today, Laurelbrook Farm now on its 4th generation, has continued to expand and currently supports several family members and about two dozen employees with around 1100 milking cows.

The trade-off, Cricket acknowledges, is more management, less hands-on time. “When it was a smaller operation, you had your hands on the cows, on the calves, on the milking equipment, on the tractors every single day,” he says. Sundays, he still milks, though: “There’s nothing like being part of a daily routine.”

The farm also produces organic fertilizer for sale in their community and to their neighbors who garden.

Information courtesy of Cabot Creamery Co-operative


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