Dairy Farm to School Marketing

Celebrate local dairy all year long!

As your school serves and celebrates local food, make sure you are marketing local dairy as well. Use the marketing resources below to help your students understand where their milk comes from and the role local dairy farm families play in producing a wholesome, nutritious product.

Demonstrate Dairy in your Cafeteria

Connect Your Students to Dairy Farming

  • Invite a local dairy farmer into the classroom
  • Arrange a field trip to a local dairy farm
  • Have students view the 360° virtual dairy farm tour videos of local farms and share the curriculums we have available with appropriate educators in your school.
Jersey cow

Dairy: Local & Sustainable 365 Days a Year

Provide students with creative ways to learn about dairy while using the resources provided by New England Dairy. The key takeaway for students is to understand the practices of dairy farming and how they are sustainable to our environment.  The goal of this bulletin board is to empower students to teach their peers about dairy and dairy farming.

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Dairy Farm to School

  • elementary school with calf
    Farm to School Marketing Resources

    Highlight local dairy farmers in your schools with state specific resources.

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  • Virtual Farm Tours

    Visit a dairy farm right from your classroom. Check out our virtual farm tour videos, curriculum, and resources.

    Virtual Farm Tours
  • Girl working on paper presentation about dairy farmers

    Connect the cafeteria and classroom with resources that teach students about dairy nutrition and farming.

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  • Smoothie Recipes

    Smoothies are a great way to serve local dairy, fruits, and vegetables in a way that kids love.

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  • hot chocolate milk
    Hot Chocolate Milk

    A fun twist on a popular menu item.

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Get your students energized and ready to move with these fun yoga poses led by cows.

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