Protecting The Planet

When you buy real dairy, you’re choosing local foods that are good for you and your family, good for the planet, and good for the community.

Featured Farm Stories

Real Farms. Real Food. Real Local. Check back for a new farm story each week.

CT Dairy & Guida's Dairy

CT dairy farmers have teamed up with Guida’s Dairy to share the stories of local dairy farm families. CT dairy farmers and Guida’s Dairy are committed to producing sustainable foods that nourish people, strengthen communities, and foster a sustainable future. Learn more about dairy’s role in a sustainable food system and get a Guida’s coupon below.

Guida's Sustainability Commitment

Guida’s is a part of the Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) family, which is a cooperative owned by family farmers across the country. Protecting our planet takes a herd. That’s why Guida’s is a proud supporter of the Nerd Herd – a team of DFA farmers, scientists, engineers, and more working to make dairy even more sustainable. Together, the Nerd Herd is developing high-tech, innovative solutions to help us reduce emissions and protect the environment. Learn more about the Nerd Herd and what they’re doing locally.

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DIY Milk Jug & Carton Planters

Upcycle your plastic milk jugs and cardboard milk cartons with this spring craft that kids will love!

More DIY Activities for Kids
  • Meet Local Dairy Farming Families

    Get to know more Connecticut dairy farming families.

    Meet Farm Families
  • Sustainable Practices

    More examples of what dairy farmers in our region are doing to achieve GHG neutrality.

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  • sweet potato and bacon bisque
    Delicious Recipes

    Check out our recipe library with a variety of options for different lifestyles.

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  • Connecticut:
    The Value of Dairy

    A front and back one-pager resource that breaks down the importance of dairy and dairy farming to the state of Connecticut.

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  • What's Your Connecticut Moo I.Q.?

    A kid-friendly resource. Boost your "Moo I.Q." with these fun facts about dairy farming in Connecticut.

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  • Dairy & Your Health

    Dairy’s health benefits are supported by a robust body of science that continues to grow.

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