Culturally Inclusive, Lactose Intolerant-Friendly Recipes and Cook-Along

Presented by: Tessa Nguyen, MEd, RD

Join chef and registered dietitian, Tessa Nguyen, MEd, RD for a recipe discussion and cook-along featuring lactose intolerant-friendly cultural recipes. Recipes include Jamaican patties, elote and esquites (Mexican street corn), and Cà Phê Sữa Đá (Vietnamese coffee). Tessa will cover key ingredients and food traditions, as well as culturally relatable recipe modifications for diverse patient and client populations. These lactose intolerant-friendly recipes will pack all the flavor and cheer you need for your next potluck, family gathering or just to spice up a weeknight meal.

As a result of this presentation attendees will be able to: 

  1. Develop nuanced techniques to make culturally relatable recipe modifications for diverse patient/client populations.
  2. Modify traditional recipes to be inclusive of lactose intolerance.
  3. Learn how to make culturally inclusive recipes using dairy products.

Webinar Speaker

  • Tessa Nguyen, MEd, RD

    Tessa Nguyen, MEd, RD, is an internationally acclaimed chef, registered dietitian, and educator. Her talents come to life in the form of deliciously diverse recipes, cultural auditing, bespoke content development, speaking engagements, and various media work. Tessa’s areas of expertise include diversity, equity, inclusion & justice within the food and nutrition industries, food and agriculture connections, inclusive culinary nutrition applications, accessible and affordable cooking, and food allergies and intolerances including the low FODMAP diet. Tessa's multiethnic heritage and lived experience across multiple countries has centered her in providing inclusive services founded on cultural humility. Connect with her on Instagram and TikTok @thetessanguyen.

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