Our Favorite Peach Recipes

Authors: Jennifer Schenkel & Kiley Cairns

In honor of National Peach Month, we’ve compiled our favorite peach and dairy pairings. These recipes and pairing ideas are your ticket to savoring the remainder of the summer season.

Our list was selected with the goal of keeping heat out of the house since it can be quite hot here in New England during August and into September. They are simple to prepare and great to make on the grill or enjoy straight from the fridge.

Grilled Peaches with Honey and Cottage Cheese

There are many ways to enjoy grilled peaches. We like serving ours with honey and cottage cheese. Learn how to grill them and get creative with toppings. Ambitious Kitchen shares unique topping and accompaniment ideas from salted brown butter ice cream to lemon ricotta pistachio.

Pesto Peach Prosciutto Pizza

This Pesto Peach Prosciutto Pizza from How Sweet Eats is the perfect summer pizza. Make it on the grill with burrata, parmesan, and fresh herbs.

Peaches and Cream Your Way

Peaches and cream can mean many things. Enjoy fresh, grilled, or canned peaches with ice cream or yogurt. Or try an old-fashioned peaches and cream recipe. We also enjoy this flavor combo in smoothie form.

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