The Nourish Dialogue Dinners: Solutions for Healthy People and a Healthy Planet

Hilary Walentuk, MS, RD, LDN| View Author Bio

New England Dairy is committed to be a catalyst for a vibrant New England dairy community by connecting agriculture, sustainability, nutrition, and wellness.

In 2019, we brought together stakeholders from across the New England food system to have conversations and explore areas of common ground, goals, challenges, and solutions to benefit people and the planet. The Nourish Dialogue Dinner was part of a larger series hosted by National Dairy Council and other local dairy councils across the Unites States. The vision of these dinners was to deepen understanding, build relationships and ignite momentum for greater impact together.

The thoughtful discussions at these dinners uncovered a hopeful perspective — one seeing the potential for solutions that can lead to a flourishing future with healthy people living on a healthy planet.

The Nourish Dialogue Dinner Report highlights grassroots efforts to improve community health and well-being, including examples in farming and food production, food security and access, food waste and recycling, and educating and empowering the next generation of food systems leaders.

New England Dairy partner and Executive Director of Farm to Institution New England, Peter Allison, MA, is highlighted in the report. Allison expresses the importance of partnerships and engagement: “In a robust network, no one entity would have been able to create the outcome by itself.”

Interaction is needed now more than ever. By 2050, there will be at least two billion more people on the planet and millions of people already face food insecurity and public health issues in the U.S. and around the globe. With our natural resources at risk, sustaining and improving human and planetary health will require collaboration, innovation and new systems thinking.

New England Dairy looks forward to continued collaboration with our partners towards a future where nutritious food is responsibly produced, people and the planet are healthy, and communities thrive.

New England Nourish Dialogue Dinner attendees, September 2019



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