Introducing New England Dairy’s Innovation Kit

Jane Vergnani, RDN, LDN | School Nutrition Specialist| View Author Bio

We are excited to share our new dairy focused curriculum kit for secondary schools in New England. The New England Dairy Innovation kit was designed to educate students about dairy nutrition and New England dairy farmers’ commitment to a sustainable food system to inspire and empower students to make real changes in their schools and communities.

The New England Dairy Innovation kit includes digital lesson plans designed to increase secondary students’ knowledge of:

  • Dairy foods and dairy farming in New England
  • The role dairy foods play in a healthy eating pattern
  • Dairy’s role in sustainable food systems

The two lessons engage students in solution-oriented conversations to discover innovative ideas to address a specific challenge. Students and educators who piloted this resource last fall found the lessons fun and enjoyable.  More importantly, they reported being surprised by how much their knowledge of dairy foods and dairy farming increased after completing the kit.  The kit is designed to meet the various learning needs educators are facing.  Each activity has directions for use in either in-person or distance learning.

We encourage you to visit the New England Dairy Innovation Kit page to access the kit and share it with students, educators and others you may know who would enjoy using it.

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