Continuing Education is For Everyone – Including Dairy Farmers

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For many dairy farmers, farming is a lifelong career. While the foundation of farming is tried and true, factors including new technologies, managing employees, and the need to tell your positive dairy story to reach consumers often require farmers to invest in continuing education like training, conferences, and workshops. 

Why Should Dairy Farmers Invest in Continuing Education?  

Put simply, continuing education opportunities give you the chance to learn new skills or to further develop a skillset you currently have. Investing in continuing education can help reinforce your commitment to topics we know consumers care deeply about: animal care, sustainability, and health and wellness. Continuing education provides you with an opportunity you may not otherwise have had to learn more about managing human and other resources that may be posing a challenge to you. The right continuing education opportunity can also equip you with the business and financial management tools necessary to expand your operation.  

Beyond developing skillsets that will benefit the farm, continuing education can also prepare you for leadership roles within the industry – including roles on co-op and dairy promotion boards. 

Access Elevate Ag – Free! 

New England Dairy believes in the importance of continuing education for farmers, which is why we’re offering FREE access to Elevate Ag to dairy farmers across New England. Elevate Ag is an online course and community created by Tara Vander Dussen and Natalie Kovarik that provides access to the tools and resources you need to craft and share your dairy story. The self-paced course also includes information on creating additional revenue streams. Modules include: Setting up a website, a deep dive on social media, all things interviews, hosting on the farm, and more.  

Please contact Elicia Pinsonault ( or Steve Peters ( for more information on how to access the Elevate Ag course for free.  

New England Dairy Trainings 

New England Dairy hosts training opportunities for dairy farmers both in person and virtually throughout the year. In March, we’ll be hosting “Productive Conversations: Connecting on Tough Topics.” Be on the lookout for more information about upcoming trainings on topics including how to host a successful farm tour and working with the media.  

Learn more about New England Dairy’s Training Opportunities 

Explore Upcoming Conferences 

Conferences are a great way to network with your fellow producers and hear from expert speakers on a wide variety of topics.

Here is a list of upcoming dairy conferences: 

  • Vermont Dairy Producers Conference: February 20, 2024, in South Burlington, VT
    The Vermont Dairy Producers Conference (open to dairy farmers across the region) is a one-day conference with programming and activities for producers and dairy industry professionals.  
  • The Northeast Dairy Innovation Summit: April 2-3, 2024, in Albany, NY
    Dairy farmers, processors, service providers, policy makers, and industry stakeholders come together from across the Northeast. From farm innovation to processing innovation to workforce development, this conference will dig into the challenges and opportunities in dairy. You’ll leave with new ideas to put into action, peer-to-peer connections, and strategies to build a more resilient dairy sector.  
  • Dairy Sustainability Alliance Spring Meeting: April 17-18, 2024, in Rosemont, IL
    Featuring presentations and breakout sessions, this conference focuses on U.S. dairy’s collective path to providing solutions that advance well-being and regenerate the environment while also caring for its animals and communities.
  • World Dairy Expo: October 1-4, 2024, in Madison, WI
    World Dairy Expo is the world’s largest dairy-focused trade show. Held annually, this event includes seminars, networking opportunities, and workshops on a range of topics. 
  • Dairy Sustainability Alliance Fall Meeting: November 18-19, 2024, in Minneapolis, MN
    Featuring presentations and breakout sessions, this conference focuses on U.S. dairy’s collective path to providing solutions that advance well-being and regenerate the environment while also caring for its animals and communities.
  • Sustainable Agriculture Summit: November 20-21, 2024, in Minneapolis, MN
    The Sustainable Agriculture Summit is the leading sustainability event for agriculture and by agriculture, bringing together farmers, suppliers, processors, brands, academia, conservation organizations and the public sector. The Summit is a meeting place for all agricultural stakeholders to learn from expert speakers, share challenges and successes, and forge and strengthen cross-sector partnerships which will drive a more sustainable future for our industry. 

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