Milk, My Way with TJ

What role does dairy play in your life? Ice cream at a family celebration, milk in your bowl of cereal or some wine and cheese with friends! Learn more about where milk and dairy foods all start – on a local dairy farm!

Local milk is part of TJ’s health and wellness routine and dairy is part of so many foods that he and his family love. Local dairy that is sustainability produced, that’s milk TJ’s way!

We recently took TJ from 103.3 AMP Radio to Great Brook Farm in Carlisle, MA where he got to speak with farmer Mark and learn more about what life is like on a modern New England dairy farm. Check out the video series and additional resources below.

Want to visit a New England dairy farm yourself? After watching the video series, scroll and click the Vermont getaway banner to enter to win a weekend getaway to the beautiful Liberty Hill Farm and Inn. It’s a working dairy farm in Vermont that is also a bed & breakfast, how cool is that?

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