School Nutrition Equipment

Marketing and promoting healthy options is an effective way to encourage students to make better meal choices.

Purchasing durable commercial quality equipment that will help increase the appeal of these healthy foods is a great investment and can be supported with funds from New England Dairy. Whether you want to focus on point-of-purchase, cafeteria restyle or breakfast, we can help!

Check out some examples of equipment that can improve your school’s nutrition environment by browsing the equipment catalogs and order forms below. These partner vendors support FUTP60 by giving a percentage of the funds back to the program.

Pat Patriot with breakfast cart

Cooler and Breakfast Carts

Find the perfect fit for your school with a selection of portable coolers and breakfast carts.

Cold Sell Order Form

Cold Sell Accessories

Hubert Hallway Cart

Football Player Nate Ebner with kid eating lunch

Hot & Cold Holding Bags
& Boxes

Insulated bags & boxes work perfectly for meals in the classroom, curbside pick-up and more. Schools must reach out to the company for a quote, and mention they are purchasing the equipment with New England Dairy funding to receive direct from manufacture shipping.

Sterno Delivery Order Form

Liviri Insulated Boxes

Smoothie Blenders

Blend up some healthy smoothies!

Waring Order Form


Looking for Fuel Up to Play 60 milk coolers?

Nordon Equipment Catalog

Excellence Industries Order Form

Cooler Management

*May only qualify for partial funding.

Love Your Lunchroom

Transform your school lunchroom with these Fuel Up to Play 60 Café Sign Kits!

FUTP 60 Sign Kits Information

New England Patriots FUTP 60 Café Kits

NFL National FUTP60 Café Kits

*NEW* Farm to School Café Kits

Ultimate School Restyle Elements

Give your cafeteria a makeover with fun signage to showcase healthy choices!

Ultimate Restyle Catalog

Ultimate Restyle Order Form

FUTP 60 Elements*

Offers a variety of Fuel Up to Play 60 cafeteria makeover tools, such as signs, menu boards and grab ‘n’ go kiosks.

Fuel Up to Play 60 Catalog

Fuel Up to Play 60 Order Form

*May only qualify for partial funding.

Fuel Up to Play 60 Stencils

Fuel Up to Play 60 Stencils inspire kids to learn and move while creating games around the stencils. Schools and organizations can beautify their spaces while encouraging physical activity, healthy eating and learning. All stencils are made in the USA and come with easy to follow instructions for volunteers or hired crews. A portion of FUTP60 stencil sales go to fund physical activity and nutrition grants to schools.

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