New England Dairy: Good For You, Your Community & The Planet

Milk is locally produced in every state, so it doesn’t travel far from farm to store. Even if you live in a big city, you usually live 100 miles or less from a dairy farm.

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New England is home to about 1,000 dairy farming families. One hundred of those dairy farms are located in the Granite State. Whether you purchase milk and other dairy products directly from a farm nearby or at your local supermarket, the milk is coming from local farms in our region.

Quick facts you probably didn’t know about New Hampshire dairy farmers:

Photo Left: The LeClair family of LeClair Acres in Claremont, NH. The farm was named New Hampshire’s Dairy Farm of the Year in 2018. The family has been caring for the land for over 90 years. Their family farm was established in 1926.

Tullando Farm in Orford, NH

Tullando Farm in Orford, NH has been owned and operated by the Tullar family for three generations. The dairy farm stays on the cutting-edge of new technology and farm practices. They were the first farm in New Hampshire to install a robotic milking system. They’ve also changed their field practices for better soil health. They plant cover crops, have reduced tilling, and use manure injection to shoot manure under the surface of the soil.

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Dairy in New England

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