Environmental Impact of Food: Making Sense of Conflicting Data

Presented by: Robin White, PhD

Conflicting information about the environmental impact of foods makes selecting environmentally conscious diets challenging. In this webinar, we will tackle some of these conflicts head-on and explain how they come about, how to interpret conflicting data, and what techniques can be employed for selecting environmentally conscious diets that are also balanced and healthy.


  1. Identify conflicting data about environmental impacts of food
  2. Evaluate how data presentation and generation influence interpretation
  3. Explain pros and cons of food types from an environmental point of view

Please note you will need to answer a few questions to view the webinar recording and to access your CPE.

Robin White, PhD

Robin White was born in Seattle, WA, and attended Washington State University, earning a BS (2010) and a PhD in animal sciences (2014). Her doctoral research focused on identifying strategies to enhance sustainability of beef production systems. White did two postdoctoral fellowships—one with the National Animal Nutrition program and one as a USDA Postdoctoral Fellow….

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