Summer Snack and Lunch Ideas for Kids

Molly McKendry, MS, RD, LDN
kid playing in sprinkler

From June through August, the day-to-day can tend to have a slightly different rhythm than it does during other times of the year, especially for families with kids.

Camp, sports, and other activities are in full-swing when school is out of session. It might be summer vacation, but things don’t necessarily slow down!

Making nutritious meals for kids to have while they are out and about or at home during the busy summer months does not need to be time consuming. Below are some healthy snacks and lunches, courtesy of our friends at ChopChop Family, that parents can easily prep (with the help of their kiddos) to enjoy during the long, glorious days of summer!

Packing a snack or lunch for a day outside? We have some summer food safety tips for packing dairy and other foods in this short blog.

Turkey Wrap with Lemony Hummus and Cheese

By Cris Comerford, courtesy of ChopChop Family

This turkey wrap has plenty of flavor with the addition of hummus and your child’s favorite cheese!

Photo by ChopChop Family

Parmesan Yogurt Dip with Carrots

By Adam Collick, courtesy of ChopChop Family

This dip pairs well with baby carrots and can also be enjoyed with other veggies like cucumbers. It can be packed to-go in a small container with a tight lid.

Photo by ChopChop Family

*ChopChop Family’s Pick*

Confetti Orzo Salad

By ChopChop Family
Kids will love eating this colorful dish that can be modified to their specific tastes. Orzo is a small rice-shaped pasta that’s fun to eat. Get whole-wheat orzo if you can find it since it’s more flavorful and better for you.

Photo by ChopChop Family

Who is ChopChop Family?

ChopChop Family is dedicated to providing tools for building essential life skills through the lens of food and cooking. They inspire and teach families to cook and eat real food together with resources like their award-winning magazines and cookbooks, and hands-on cooking classes. Like NEDFC, they believe that if children have the opportunity to learn about and enjoy nutritious foods at a young age, they will maintain these healthy habits into the future.

Rainbow Sandwich

By ChopChop Family

There are endless colors and combinations with this rainbow sandwich.

Photo by ChopChop Family

Summery Tuna Salad

By ChopChop Family

The addition of yogurt and herbs like dill and scallions add flavor to the tried and true tuna sandwich. Try it in a pita pocket!

Photo by ChopChop Family

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