Connect with Real Moments & Recipes for Back-to-School

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toast cut to look like cat

Here we are again, the last summer hurrah over Labor Day weekend has come and gone and back-to-school routines are ready to begin.

Long-awaited summer trips and activities are winding down with kids back in school. This means after-school sports, clubs, and homework are ramping up. With life becoming a different kind of busy, these recipes make it easier to give your kids the fuel and protein they need to conquer whatever their afternoon has in store.

Connect with real moments; like making these yummy after-school snacks together!

Ginger Spice Cluster Granola

Try this one as a topping or mixed into trail mix, it’s versatile and makes a great afternoon snack or breakfast. Have it with milk to add a protein kick! Click here for recipe.

Black Forest Smoothie

Mix up something special, nourishing, and full of milk’s nutrients. Enjoy together as the perfect afternoon snack that fits into your busy routine. Click here for recipe.

PB&J Protein Power Muffins

A tasty twist on a classic PB&J, they are great as an on the go breakfast or snack. Click here for recipe.

Peanut Butter Cat Toast

Make snack time more fun with Peanut Butter Cat Toast. Cheese, raisins, and pretzel sticks add flavor and cat eyes, nose, and whiskers. What other creative animals can you come up with? Click here for recipe.

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