5 Ways to Enjoy the Local Harvest

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This post was written by staff dietitian Becca Story, MS, RD, LD. She works in New Hampshire as a nutrition specialist.

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Plump peaches, juicy tomatoes, abundant zucchini, crisp greens, and velvety berries. These are some of my favorite summer harvests and hopefully some of yours, too, but what about cold milk, creamy yogurt, and savory cheese? If you’ve been to our blog before, you’ll know that these dairy items can be found locally year round.

Mason jars filled with Mint Berry Smoothie
Mint Berry Smoothie
Focusing Locally with a Nutrition Intern

As a dietetics student intern mentor, I have the pleasure of introducing students from the local university and colleges to dairy foods and dairy farming in New England. One of my previous University of New Hampshire dietetic interns, Carly Orlacchio, loves food and enjoyed learning more about dairy farming while at New England Dairy & Food Council (NEDFC). She jumped at the opportunity to help us whip up some recipe ideas for New Hampshire Eat Local Month and feature seasonal harvests from around the region. New Hampshire Eat Local Month is a month-long celebration in August of local food and New Hampshire farmers and producers—not that you need to limit supporting local agriculture to one month!

To help research this recipe project, Carly joined our annual farm tours at Stuart Farm and the University of New Hampshire Organic Research Dairy Farm, which NEDFC coordinated for the University of New Hampshire dietetic interns. Both tours provided Carly with opportunities to meet and learn from local dairy farmers. Key takeaways included the role that each of those farms play in supporting communities and local economies and, in the case of the university’s farm, research that will support our future farmers.

Bowl of chicken with a Greek yogurt marinade.

Chicken with a Greek yogurt marinade.

Local Recipes for New Hampshire Eat Local Month

Carly zeroed in on recipes that fit her budget, culinary, nutrition, and comfort zones with the hopes that they could work for you too. The recipes feature ingredients that were easy to find and produced locally in New Hampshire, except for some spices and common condiments.

Here’s what Carly and I made and why:

Download our Eat Local Month recipe booklet!

Vegetables the colors of the rainbow.

Vegetables the colors of the rainbow.

Celebrate Your Local Farmers!

If you want to learn more about New Hampshire dairy farms check out the dairy farmers featured on our website who work hard 365 days of the year to make sure dairy can be found locally year round.

Updated 7/30/19

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